Magnus is an authorized distributor of Fibrenetix

Magnus is the leading fibrenetix supplier in UAE. Magnus solutions are made by keeping our customers pain areas in mind, hence we have got best solution to our customers in a way, that the storage space doesn’t affect you in the future growing business needs. With the number of successful server solutions delivered across UAE and to different verticals, we have emerged as the best server solution provider in the middle east.

Magnus’s offering from Fibrenetix includes high performance servers and storage solutions with European quality, scalability and reliability, as well as a unique software solution for Smart Vehicle Management (SVMS), comprising the supply of small form factor vehicle mounted ruggedized Servers.

About Fibrenetix:

Fibrenetix is a market-leading manufacturer of Video Optimized Servers and Storage Solutions and has established a global reputation for high performance video streaming technology, providing smart engineering, quality, scalability and reliability.

Headquartered in Roskilde, Denmark, with a regional sales and technical office in Dubai, UAE, Fibrenetix serves key customers in Aviation, Construction, Government, Hospitality, Military and Oil & Gas, in key territories including the Middle East, Europe and Japan.

Fibrenetix Entry level Solutions
Magnus provides a cost-effective Entry-Level Fibrenetix products in storage and servers. You don’t need to start big with our solutions, and scalability is always an option when you work with us. Everything is flexible, from retention period to larger count of cameras.

Fibrenetix Mid- Range Solutions
We know that it is becoming more challenging for our customers to achieve their goals when budget got suddenly reduced. Fibrenetix Midrange Level was specially built to do more with less, without compromising with power and quality.

Fibrenetix Enterprise level Solutions
Magnus has fibrenetix storage devices to its customers which can handle large volumes of data and large numbers of users simultaneously. Our Enterprise level of storage, server and machine learning ensure that your data is always available for you when you need it.

Fibrenetix products
  • Great Dane – Super Converged NVR And Ultra Density Storage.
  • Mobix II – Video Server for Mobile and Hazardous Environments.
  • Mobix NANO – Server & NVR for 2 To 16 Cameras.
  • SVMS (Smart Vehicle Management System) – Advanced Tracking and Surveillance.
  • DP-Series: Video Analytics Servers – 2 To 8 GPU Cards.
  • SVS (Storage Video Server) – Recording Server, Playback Server, Or VMS Management Server.
  • GOLD Series – 500-1000+ For Video Surveillance Systems.
  • Storage E-Series – Real Enterprise Class Storage with High Availability.
  • JBOD Expansion – Ultra-Density and Scalable Storage.
  • V1DEX Workstations – High-Performance Workstation, Optimised for Video Playback.
  • HDD(Certified Hard Disk Drives) – Enterprise Class, High Reliability Drives For The Surveillance Industry.
Fibrenetix Product Portfolio
JBOD Expansion: 84-bay
Ultra-density, scalable 5U storage enclosure
Fanless Embedded System
MOBIX-II Automotive Series
Standard Fanless Embedded System
MOBIX-II Automotive Series
Superior Fanless Embedded System
Superior Fanless Embedded System
Advanced Vehicle Tracking & Surveillance System
High Performance, iSCSI RAID Storage
High Performance, iSCSI RAID Head
JBOD Expansion – 12-bay & 16-bay
Scalable Enterprise Storage
JBOD Expansion: 60-bay & 102-bay
Ultra-density Scalable Storage
JBOD Expansion: 105-bay
Ultra-density, scalable 4U storage enclosure
Video Analytics Servers
Fibrenetix DP-x52 Series
GOLD Servers
Great Dane Hybrid NVR-Video Server
SVS-RS9 Series
3U, 16-bay Storage Video Servers
V1DEX Series
High-performance workstation
SVS-RS9 Series
2U, 8-bay Storage Video Servers
Storage Video Server: RS3
Compact 1U server solution for Video Surveillance
Storage Video Server: RS2
Compact 1U server solution for Video Surveillance

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