Get non-stop networking with zero downtime

November 17, 2021by Magnus

Don’t take risks with your data

Build a fault-tolerant network
Keep your business running with Allied Telesis. They offer innovative network solutions with layers of resiliency to survive power outages, link failures and human error.


Aggregation and access layer resiliency
Virtual Chassis Stacking (VCStack) removes single points of failure and provides automatic recovery on link or device failure.

Add or remove stack members without downtime
Manage stack as a single device
Stack over long distances for distributed backbones



Network core redundancy
Load-sharing redundant power supplies enable tolerance of power feed failures and dual switch controllers deliver continuous operation during software upgrades and hardware failures.

N+1 Redundant Power Supplies
Active-Active Resilient Switching
In-Service Software Upgrade



Explore the benefits of VCStack
Using Virtual Chassis Stacking (VCStack) in your network allows multiple switches to appear as a single resilient chassis. Check out these videos to see how we do it.

Allied Telesis Virtual Chassis Stacking (VCStack)
VCStack Plus Resiliency Demonstration


Enjoy a higher quality wireless experience

Ensure reliable, high–performing Wi–Fi connections everywhere.
Enjoy maximum throughput from a self–tuning wireless network.
Simplify installation and operation, with lower operating costs.



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